My air force

In this post you can find some planes from my army.


Status: Active
Made: 2012

Most recent piece. Quite different from other planes in my airforce. It lacks solid wings and instead there are more motors and propellers than usual. Right now it is my most used flying machine and the only one with FPV gear. For details please refer to dedicated post.

Free Bee 50%

State: Active
Made: 2010

My first model not built from scratch, but from bought precut EPP parts. It is tiny model with 50cm wingspan and weight under 100g. It is quite sensitive to wind, but in steady air it is super stable and overall flight performance looks simply awesome. Great for quick flight when you don’t have time to travel to airfield.


State: Active
Made: 2009

Flying wing made from scratch at home from EPS with some inspiration in Swift II wing. There are glued wooden supports across the wing to enhance strength. After painting is whole wing covered by wide transparent adhesive tape that is then secured using electric iron. This is the 4th version of the same model in my army. Previous versions were retired due to break in central glued joint. Current version have tightly connected beams from both halves of wing, so it should hold much longer.


State: Active
Made: 2004

The oldest active plane. Original paper coating have been replaced by modern polyester foil and original glow engine has been replaced by electric motor. The plane is made using plywood, pine beams and some balsa. It was made during my first attempts to fly so it is quite heavy to withstand rough manipulation. The picture shows model during my first attempts with FPV gear.

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