CNC made PCBs (1)

Basic step in electronic devices construction is PCB (printed circuit board) manufacturing. Preparing PCBs at home is quite boring and long task. That made me think how to simplify this task. I have working CNC router (as described in CNC section of this web) and I attempted to use it in PCB manufacturing process. In this article I will describe one of two procedures I finally found out. It is based on scratching paths in covering film on PCBs and subsequent etching. Continue reading

Home server

Server (from the word “serve”) is computer that provides some services. But why should someone spend money and time to build and manage own server? Especially when most services are available online. In this article I describe my home server and for what tasks am I using it. Lets take synchronization and backup service as example. Dropbox offers 100GB for 99 per year. On my home server I have available more than 1200GB and electricity costs are around 40$ per year. Server can of course provide more services than backup and synchronization. Continue reading